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Release date, beta and all new features of Windows 11
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Release date, beta and all new features of Windows 11 

Microsoft has recently unveiled Windows 11 as their next major bet for the future. The new edition includes elements that enable users to work quickly, play effortlessly, and consume content on the go in a world where a pandemic drives consumers. All of this while feeling completely at ease.

Windows 11 also introduced new widgets for keeping up to date with news. Additionally, it also has a new Windows Store as well as Microsoft Team integration. Furthermore, Windows 11 is capable of running Android applications.

The addition of HDR and better visuals is something that gamers will like. Windows 11 update also promises faster performance for Pcs with Direct Storage support. Finally, business users will enjoy being able to undock and dock without losing their position.

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer, organized the official launch of Windows 11.

We have seen firsthand the unveiling of a wide range of new or enhanced features in Windows. On a larger scale than the one available in the SE leaks two weeks ago.

Based on an unfinished copy, many users have complained about a lack of innovation. However, after seeing the launch event for Windows 11, we have a new perspective.

For personal users, gamers, and the ones working from PC. Windows 11 will bring new features that will change the game.

Here’s everything about Windows 11 that you need to know.

Windows 11 Release Date, Price, Beta

Windows 11 will be released later this year, around the holidays. In case you have Windows 10 PC, according to Microsoft, you can update for free. And new PCs with Windows 11 pre-installed will also be available in time for the holidays.

Go to and download the PC Health Check app to see if your PC is eligible for the free Windows 11 upgrade. Some people will not be waiting until the end of the year to try out Windows 11.

Next week, Microsoft will release an early copy of the update to its Windows Insider Program. But, this will not be a complete release with all Windows 11’s features.

All New Features of Windows 11

New Start Menu And Design

Windows 11 features a beautiful yet user-friendly new look and feel. A new Start button in the center and tapping it will display your recent files, documents, and apps.

Instead of a large list of apps, the Start menu has a grid of select apps and the second grid of recommended docs. An “All Apps” button will most likely take you to the traditional app list.

The main goal is to be where you want to be faster. The new Windows 11 also has a streamlined taskbar and more rounded corners on apps to make it seem more trendy. There are also new colors and transitions, as well as a new dark mode that highlights content.

Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and docking in Windows 11

Snap Layouts are now available in Windows 11. You may choose the Snap Layout you wish to use so that you can run many apps at once. You could, for example, have two applications side by side, three in columns, or four in a grid, for a total of six choices.

In case you get lost after reacting to a notification. Windows 11 now offers a new Snap Groups feature in the taskbar that can help. So you may return to whatever you were doing before you had to react to that message.

It is the same with the new docking experience. When you unplug a monitor to move rooms, the windows on the display will minimize. When you return and reconnect to a dock, all your Windows will reappear in their original state.

Windows 11: New Selection Of Widgets

Widgets are a new feature in Windows 11, powered by Microsoft Edge and AI. These widgets allow you to check your calendar, weather, news, to-do list, photos, and more.

Widgets provide you an info feed that you can customize, and you can decide how your desktop will display it. Widgets can swing out to cover a part of the entire desktop, depending on your needs.

Better support for touch, pen, and voice

Input in Windows 11 is tweaked in a variety of ways when it comes to touch. In the touch bar, for example, there is more space between icons, making it easier to press the correct item. Microsoft is adding larger touch targets as well as visual hints to resize and move windows.

The onscreen keyboard is also updated and made more configurable. If you interact with your computer with a pen or a stylus, expect improved haptics that sound and feel real.

Microsoft promises more accurate speech-to-text transcription and automated punctuation in Windows 11. And enhanced voice recognition for text input. When you are in a document, you can also use voice commands like “delete that”.

Personalize Different Desktops

You can now personalize different desktops with their own wallpapers in Windows 11. As a result, you can have a desktop for work, home, school, or gaming, each with its own set of apps and looks.

New Windows Store and Android Apps

Microsoft Store is also redesigned for Windows 11, making it faster and easier to find the apps you need. But the news that Android apps will be available for Windows 11 is likely to garner the most attention.

According to Microsoft, you will be able to find Android apps in the Microsoft Store later this year. Additionally, you will also be able to download apps through the Amazon Appstore as well. At the moment the process appears to be a little complicated. But Microsoft claims to offer more details about the experience in the coming months.

Microsoft is redesigning the Microsoft Store to make it faster and easier to find the apps you need.

Auto HDR and DirectStorage

Auto HDR, in particular, is coming to Windows 11. The features improve contrast and color output without developers reconfiguring their game. During the Windows 11 Launch event, Microsoft also demonstrated the new Auto HDR mode.

Microsoft demonstrated the new feature on a split-screen of Skyrim, with one half in SDR and the other in HDR. The HRD image featured greater detail and was brighter.

A DirectStorage API is also included in Windows 11. You can notice the difference in load times if you have used Xbox Series X or Series S, both have direct storage.

For a monthly subscription, Xbox Game Pass will be built into Windows 11 via the Xbox app. The subscription will give gamers access to 100+ games. The games can be purchased directly from the PC.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Despite the fact that many Microsoft apps will no longer be included as standard in Windows 11. Microsoft is aiming to make Teams more widespread by integrating it into Windows 11.

Microsoft Teams chat allows you to communicate via video calls, text, or voice. It will function on Windows, Android, and iOS (FaceTime will only work via Weblink). Or, you may start presenting right from the taskbar.

TPM and Windows 11 system requirements

All computers running Windows 11 will need a TPM 2.0 chip. TPM stands for Trusted Point Module, and it is mainly used in computers to provide security. We have a guide on how to verify if your PC contains a TPM chip.

The following are the system requirements for running Windows 11 according to Microsoft:
PROCESSOR 1 GHz or higher with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit Processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
STORAGE Minimum of 64 GB
SECURITY TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Version 2.0
DISPLAY 8 bits per color channel on a high definition (720p) display greater than 9 inches diagonally
GRAPHICS DirectX 12 compatible or later WDDM 2.0 driver
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth, WiFi, or Ethernet connection (excluding desktop PC)
HARDWARE Power and volume up/down buttons are required.
PORTS Video output and USB ports (at least one) are required.

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